A Faith-Based Pornography Addiction Recovery program to help reunite relationships in overcoming pornography 


Reclaim Your Freedom From the Grips of Pornography

For individuals & couples that want to put pornography behind them once and for all

YES! I'm Ready to
Overcome Pornography


It takes a brave soul to look themself in the mirror and not only realize that you need help but ultimately does something about it

This is an issue that so many people are afraid to talk about, but not you, that ends here. You’re brave, courageous, and strong. You’re a powerful individual waiting to shine and embrace all that life has to offer.

You may not feel worthy right now, but seeking to overcome this problem is a righteous desire

It may feel uncomfortable right now, but that is good, lean into the discomfort, because it will discharge the shame that you feel, especially right after viewing pornography.

It’s not your fault, Sex is rarely talked about growing up, in fact if it is, it was frowned upon and shamed all the way up until you get married, THEN the talk about sex completely flips and it is celebrated.

Do yourself, and your loved ones a huge favor and decide NOW that you no longer want to bring the devastating effects of pornography into your life and relationship. 

Make the decision to get help. 

Click below to find out how you can give your partner and family the gift they really want: You. All of you. Heart and Mind.



Tony Overbay

Reconnect With Your Partner

Reclaim Your Hijacked Freedom

Remove Shame From Your Life 

Overcoming Pornography is Crucial to Your Wellbeing 

but there's a problem...

  • You need support, but shame keeps you from reaching out

  • Most programs are transactional and don’t address the REAL problem

  • Promises to yourself are hard to keep when porn is easily accessible

  • It’s hard to stop viewing when you go it alone

  • There are root causes ("Voids") fueling the behavior that you are not aware of

  • You keep justifying that it’s not an addiction, but never admit it’s a habit


If you are ready to make big changes in your life, but you aren't quite sure of where to start, you're in the right place.

YES! I'm Ready to
Overcome Pornography

Who This is For

Men who are wanting to break the habit of viewing pornography

Individuals looking to obtain discipline from sexual Impulses

Couples on the verge of divorce due to pornography addiction

"Put distance between

your thoughts and actions..."

I am a licensed Therapist (LFMT) Certified Mindfulness Coach, and have 15 years helping over 1,500 individuals in person and 1,000s others online break free from the chains of pornography.

Let me help you remove the obstacles that have thwarted your hopes, and dreams and have left you feeling like a person who always hoped for more, who had always dreamed for more. Now is the time to find your way to The Path Back to the person that you always wanted to be.

The Path Back has helped men and women from their early teens to their late 80's once and for all overcome pornography addiction and compulsive sexual behavior.

WITHOUT the Path Back

(you will...)

WITH the Path Back

(you will...)

  • Continue making empty promises like: “This is the last time” and “No more!”
  • Find yourself isolated, lonely, and keeping secrets
  • Cause your partner to feel betrayed, abandoned, hurt, and not good enough
  • Continue to waste countless hours mindlessly consuming the internet
  • Feel a void between you and your spouse, children, and loved ones
  • Not be able to focus and execute on your work and will continue to dwindle
  • Feel your development, execution, and progress fall apart
  • Keep saying the all-too-familiar phrases: “5 more minutes”, “one more video”, “I can’t keep doing this”
  • Live without shame
  • Dramatically improve your self-esteem
  • Experience a deeper connection and fulfillment with your significant other
  • Become the parent your children think you are
  • Dramatically increase the Intimacy in your relationship built on trust, commitment, honesty, and love
  • Not just believe IN yourself, but you will BELIEVE yourself when you commit to change
  • ACTUALLY address the stress in your life without the temporary coping mechanism of porn…
  • More effectively manage your temper and unnecessary mood swings
  • Reclaim your freedom and feel proud of who you are
YES! I'm Ready to
Overcome Pornography



"The Path Back not only helped me understand that damage porn was doing to me, my marriage, and my relationship to God, but it helped me take control of my life. I was finally able to get back the power I thought I would never reclaim."


I had tried everything, and I had given up. I thought I was too broken to be fixed, that God had given up on me because I kept failing. But HE never gave up, he sent me on The Path Back and I am finally PORN FREE! Thank you so much for this program."


The Path Back helped me understand why, it gave me tools that helped me IMMEDIATELY! I had lost sight of how much better life could be, how much better my relationships could be. my life is SO MUCH BETTER!"




Get lifetime access to all the Path Back Content (videos, worksheets, activities) and private community



Watch each video, complete activities, and participate in weekly calls with Tony Overbay



End the cycle once and for all; live an empowered, connected, and purpose-driven life

How can you ACTUALLY get your life on the right track and leave pornography behind once and for all?

How much is pornography affecting your relationship with your partner? How many times will you tell yourself “this is the last time”? What are the hidden costs of staying on the path you're on?

The internet is flooded with easily accessible pornography. Advertisements, videos. and many social media apps can be triggering and lead to watching porn. It's not your fault. But you can escape...

But what do you and your partner actually need to build a healthy relationship?

The Path Back is your ticket to leveling up your confidence, your relationship with your partner, and your connection to God. So what are you getting with the PathBack Program? Liberation from shame, emotional isolation, and unrewarding sexual impulses.

YES! I'm Ready to
Overcome Pornography


✓ Lifetime access to ALL the content (40 Videos, worksheets, activities)



✓ Weekly group calls for 8 weeks with Tony Overbay (LMFT, certified counselor)



✓ Workbook for Notes presented at the beginning of each video



✓Anonymous Forum to find accountability partners, ask questions, and learn from others who are on the same journey as you


The Path Back Program


[Value of $2,300]

  • Weekly Q&A calls with Tony Overbay - 8 weeks [$800 Value]
  • 40+ instructional videos [$700 Value]
  • Worksheets for application [$100 Value]
  • Activities to help you transform [$300 Value] 
  • Access to the private forum with other members in the Path Back program [$400 Value] 
  • All The Tools You Need To Reclaim Your Freedom And Overcome Pornography Once And for All [PRICELESS] 
YES! I'm Ready to Overcome Pornography